Education…the key to the future

Charlie and Nancy
Esperanza would like to thank Charlie and Nancy Morrison for providing a financial scholarship for a child to attend a private bilingual school in Comayagua, Honduras.

Although Honduras offers free primary education for 7-14 year olds, the sad reality is many areas of the country lack schools. When they are available, they are understaffed and in some circumstances, joint-grade instruction is provided, only through the 3rd grade. Other villages may have a bigger buildings, but they still deal with poor teacher training, lack of materials and outdated teaching methods. The teachers are often on strike because they are frustrated by their working conditions and low wages.

Illiteracy remains at 40% for the total population and 80% for the rural communities. Only 43% of the children enrolled in public schools will complete the primary level. Of these students, 30% will go on to secondary school and a mere 8% will continue to the university level.

Having the opportunity to attend a private school is a privilege few will ever experience. It truly is “the key” for the future, and we hope Nancy and Charlie’s child will become a valuable leader of tomorrow…for herself, for her family, and for her community. Their scholarship not only pays for the educational costs, but provides a healthy meal,transportation, and an escape from a mundane environment.

Charlie and Nancy Morrison and their four children has been actively involved for years with the children from Honduras; hosting numerous children hospitalized locally and visiting Honduras themselves.

If you are interested in supporting another child with the opportunity to attend school, please contact Esperanza.

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