This holiday season…it’s your choice.

Honduran Family

Change a life, change a community…what speaks to your heart? Looking for a way to simplify holiday gift giving and truly make a difference in the world, we have an opportunity for you.

Esperanza has been working in Honduras for the past 15 years and the need has never been greater. We can’t change it all but we continue to listen to the needs, fulfill the requests we are able, and do our part improving the lives of others.

We recently returned from a trip to Honduras where we spent time with leaders in the community who expressed their desires to start a feeding program because many students go to school without eating, enrolling more students into school who can’t afford it, and building a sports court to offer the youth a healthy and safe activity. All these ideas align with our mission to provide medical and educational assistance, and to address the physical, emotional and social needs of the children.

We continue our work with individual patients and their families. During one clinic, Tom detected heart murmurs in two brothers. After visiting their home, we learned from their mother that another child has a heart issue and one sibling died from cardiac disease. We also spent a great deal of time with a 15 year old boy who is battling brain cancer. Treatment is difficult enough in the States, but when you’re living in poverty it is exacerbated…traveling by bus, waiting in lines, the inability to purchase medication. Another child in need of medical care is a 13 year old boy who witnessed a shooting four years ago and was so traumatized, he has stopped talking. In a place where it’s day to day survival, mental health is not on the top of their priority list. Fortunately, the family accepted our offer for counseling and have met with a trustworthy psychologist who we hope can make a difference for this child.

This holiday season, experience the true meaning by giving freely without expecting anything in return. “Live simply so others may simply live.” Mother Teresa

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“For It Is In Giving That We Receive”

Josue's New Laptop

We’d like to thank the anonymous donor from Pilgrim Congregational Church in Lexington, MA who recently donated a brand new laptop. This morning we delivered the gift to 17 year old “Josue”, who is currently living at The Constitution Inn located in Charlestown. For the past seven months, Josue has been receiving medical treatment (including a prosthetic hand/arm, and a “tissue expansion” in his head) at Shriners Hospitals in Boston and Springfield.

Eleven years ago, Josue’s room in Comayagua, Honduras caught on fire due to poor electrical wiring. He suffered severe burns over much of his body. Since then, he has traveled to the States several times for medical care.

Despite the adversity he has faced, Josue remains very optimistic and has a charming personality. Josue is quite fluent in English and enjoys attending school and working. We couldn’t think of a more deserving person for this generous gift, and seeing Josue’s smile and enthusiastic reaction was just priceless!

Our sincere appreciation for the kindness of others.

Thankful for our donors

Fritz & Gigi

Once again, Fritz & Gigi (The Children’s Shop in Concord, MA) has generously donated clothing for the folks in Honduras and our patients being treated locally. Fritz & Gigi have been faithful supporters of Esperanza for the past several years. Yesterday, when I was picking up their donations, I relayed this story about the impact of their previous gifts.

A couple of years ago, I received a call from the shop that they had clothing to pass along to children in need. Among their donations was a winter snowsuit for an infant. Within 15-20 minutes of me receiving their donations, I was introduced to a baby boy who was in need. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

This has happened to me too many times. Throughout the year we receive clothing, medical equipment, school supplies and more. There have been multiple occasions when we have a request for an item just as we have been given the same thing. Call it what you will, but it gives me faith knowing there is much goodwill that goes around and we are thankful to all who give so willingly.

Lizzie’s Legacy Continues


Lizzie Morrison’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of others continues with her recent book drive for Esperanza-Hope for the Children, Inc. This has become an annual event for Lizzie who reaches out to her neighborhood community of Concord as well as her school community (Lawrence Academy) in Groton. This year over $1,200 was raised for Esperanza, and  half of the books sold were donated by Lizzie. Proceeds from the sale will be used for community projects in the village of Flores, Honduras.

Esperanza is grateful for all the individuals and organizations who have supported us throughout the years. However, we would like to acknowledge particular people who have dedicated years of involvement  such as Lizzie Morrison. Lizzie began volunteering with Esperanza when she was an elementary school student. She began visiting patients in the hospital and became an active participant as a member of a “host family” for children in need for temporary housing, prior to their return to their native country.

Lizzie has continued her active involvement by mentoring Honduran children who are here for medical treatment, raising awareness of this country which is the 2nd poorest in the Western Hemisphere and inspiring her peers to follow her leadership of making a difference in the world.

We are thankful for all the lives Lizzie has touched and will continue to impact in the years to come.



Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Celebrate “Giving Tuesday” by donating to Esperanza – Hope For The Children, Inc. which offers hope and changes lives… one child at a time.

100% of your donation provides direct assistance.Tax receipts will be provided.

Thank you for your continued support in helping others in need.

Donations may be mailed to:

Esperanza – Hope for the Children, Inc.
43 Peter Bulkeley Road
Concord, MA 01742

Thanksgiving Bounty From Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy Donations

Esperanza-Hope for the Children, Inc., would like to extend our appreciation to the Lawrence Academy community for your recent donation of clothing, school supplies, toiletries, over the counter medications, and craft supplies to our non-profit organization. We are especially grateful to your Community Service Club for endorsing this project and for the two student volunteers, Jillian Clymer and Elizabeth Morrison, who spearheaded the collection.

Honduras has never been in greater need of assistance. We recently returned from a three week visit to the village of Flores and found their health center (Centro de Salud) in dire need of medications and supplies. The donations from Lawrence Academy included pain relievers, cough medicine, band aids, gauze dressings, anti-fungal and antibiotic creams which were all greatly appreciated, and essential in providing treatment.

Students were thrilled to receive pens, colored pencils, crayons and rulers. Often times families can’t afford these materials and therefore their children can’t attend school.

Esperanza would like to offer our thanks to each and everyone of you who enable us in helping one child at a time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Honduras through the eyes of its children

Our Journey for Hope is putting on a photo exhibit with all proceeds going to Esperanza – Hope For The Children, Inc. The photos being showcased were all taken by children in Honduras, many of whom had never held a camera in their life. The event is next Friday, March 8th, at 6:30pm at Reasons to be Cheerful (110 Commonwealth Ave, Concord, MA). Hope to see you there!


Lizzie’s friends join in her generosity.

Lizzie and Astrid

Lizzie’s inspiration to help others was generously endorsed by her friends (and their families). Esperanza is thrilled to report that $460 was donated in honor of Lizzie’s 16th birthday and will be used to improve the condition of Astrid’s home! Thank you all for caring so much. If all goes according to plan, Astrid will be returning here in June 2013 and will see many of you then.

Lizzie shares her gifts with others.


Esperanza-Hope for the Children, Inc. sends best wishes to Lizzie Morrison who is celebrating her 16th birthday! It is often thought that teenagers are self-absorbed, but this young lady has generously asked her friends to forego gifts for herself, and if they desire, make a contribution to Esperanza.

Lizzie, a high school sophomore, has befriended many Honduran children over the years. I’ll never forget the day at Shriners Hospital when I saw Lizzie rocking baby Hedman. This infant had suffered severe burns over much of his body, including his face, head and the loss of his hand. Many children would be very uncomfortable in this situation, but not Lizzie…she was a natural, comforting Hedman with the ability to see beyond his injuries.

Since that time, Lizzie and her family have not only visited dozens of children hospitalized in Boston, they have opened their home and fostered  children in need of specialized medical treatment before returning to their families in Honduras. Often times, the children are with the Morrisons for several weeks and special bonds are formed.

Eight year old Astrid has developed a particularly close relationship with the Morrison family. Originally, she was here for several operations for a “tethered (spinal) cord” and “cavus” foot. She continues to return each summer for follow-up appointments. The Morrisons have been financially supporting Astrid in a bilingual school where she is a very gifted student who now has a much brighter future.

Astrid lives in a dangerous part of her village which is referred to as “punta calienta” (hot point). Fortunately, she now has a small 2 bedroom house, but it still lacks any furniture in the one common room. It is Lizzie’s desire to direct her donations to improve Astrid’s home…this might be purchasing furniture or installing bars on the windows.

Thanks Lizzie, for all your involvement over the years and for making a difference in the lives of so any children.

His spirit lives on

Grandpa and Berenice

Six months ago, we shared the news that Esperanza’s most generous benefactor, Richard Kimball, had passed away. His death had a significant impact on us personally, and the grief was spread to Flores, Honduras, as well. Although Dick never had the opportunity to travel to Honduras, his presence was felt…photos hung in people’s homes of Dick and Martha (“Abuelo” and “Abuela”) and his name was known for all the patients he supported financially.

Every Christmas, Esperanza-Hope for the Children, Inc. has received his annual donation. It was with great pride Dick presented a check he knew would have a significant impact in the lives of many children in need. This year, Martha continued Dick’s tradition, and honored his wishes by continuing their support…his spirit lives on, and we are most grateful.