Airline Ambassadors Program


Many people work behind the scenes offering their assistance to Esperanza and many other organizations. Meet Margaret Whitehead (above), director of the Airline Ambassadors program which provides escorts for children coming to the United States for medical treatment. Margaret works enthusiastically and timely as she coordinates her ambassadors to accommodate the needs of the child.

American Airline employees volunteer their time by providing these needy children comfort and compassion, as they leave their families behind because their native countries cannot provide the medical care needed. One Ambassador who is especially adored by Esperanza is Ina Melen. Ina is home-based in the Boston area and has transported children from there, back home  to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Ina’s love and commitment to helping children in need is evident as she devotes her day (and sometimes over night) to reuniting children with their families. Ina is pictured below with 9 year old, Noel who is a cardiac patient at Tufts Medical Center.

Ina and Noel

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