Emily Collins

In February 2001, Emily first went down to Honduras on a mission trip with the intention to help others but now it has unfolded into so much more. She fell in love with the people of Flores and was struck by how friendly and gracious they were. Soon after her first trip, Emily returned to Flores and was entrusted with a 17 month old born with club feet, promising she would return in 5 months with the hope that corrective surgery would allow her to walk.

Since then Emily has established roots in the Flores community by building a home and working with locals. No longer are the people of Flores strangers but now neighbors, friends, and godchildren. Emily describes being motivated by “the feeling that I am a voice for others who I don’t want forgotten.” Her energy has consumed both her friends and family to become involved in this effort to better the lives of needy children. Now 10 years since her initial trip to Honduras, countless lives have been helped and Esperanza – Hope For The Children, Inc. has been established to make it easier for others to join the cause and help in anyway they can.



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