Astrid’s recovery continues…

Astrid at Shriners

In January, 2007, four year old Astrid Ordonez was operated on at Shriners Hospital for Children (Springfield, MA) for a “tethered cord.” Astrid was born with this neurological disorder, which is caused by tissue attachment that limits the movement of the spinal cord.

Astrid has returned for treatment of her left “cavus” foot, a condition of her neurological disorder, which results in a very high arch. The doctors at Shriners have now completed two sureries on her foot. The first one was a tendon release, and the second one required them to insert a wedge of bone into a cut in one of Astrid’s bones, in the middle of her foot.

Astrid is now wearing a full-length cast for six weeks. She will then be x-rayed and it will be determined whether she will require additional casting or if she will be fitted for an AFO(ankle-foot orthosis), a plastic brace which will be inserted into her shoe.

We are grateful Astrid has been given this opportunity for treatment because without it, the disorder is progressive causing sensory and motor problems, as well as, loss of bowel and bladder control.

On April 13th, Astrid will return home to her family in Flores, Honduras.

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