Iris Maria Mendoza Dias was born with cerebral palsy, which the doctors first diagnosed her at eight months old. By the age of one year, her mother was taking her for physical therapy. She had knee surgery when she was six years old, at a nearby hospital in Comayagua.  Iris’ mobility began declining, she stopped attending school, and spent her days curled up in bed or having someone carry her to a chair where she passed the time watching t.v. Along with this, Iris’ spirits dropped and she became discouraged, fearful and in pain. Thankfully, Ned Schwentker, M.D. operated on her at the Leonardo Martinez Hospital in San Pedro Sula. Iris spent five months in casts, followed by daily physical therapy. It was one of the most touching moments the day this beautiful, young girl walked many blocks to my home handing me a letter. She wrote of her tremendous gratitude for our help and described her dreams of  continuing with her school work, and perhaps one day studying to become a lawyer. Iris’ gorgeous smile and spirit have returned and she is one amazing inspiration! We look forward to watching her continued progress, and have offered her a new bicycle to continue to motivate her physical development.

Iris’ Letter to Emily

This is for someone very special who has stayed recorded in my mind and in my heart and a person that I will never forget until the day that I depart this earth.

Hello Emily,

You know, I want you to know that there is someone who loves you very much. In my heart, there is something very special for you. You are an angel sent from God into my life. I will never forget that date… Tom especially, November 25th, 2008 when we met. Thank the lord our creator from the sky, that today I can run and walk. I’ve suffered, I have cried, I have been rejected but today I can say that there is hope. And this for me is a triumph. The same for you as well. I wish with all my heart that God keep you and your family safe in your travels. And that you guys continue to be prosperous in all that you do. God almighty on this day I ask that you give Emily and her family strength and that everyday you be her helper and illuminate her path. Bless their hands and their feet because they bring blessings to many. Thank you God because that is the way it will be. Amen. I want to say that I don’t have any money to repay you but I do have something that is very secure, and that is my heart. Full of sweetness. Now I ask that you never forget me, where ever you go please. Keep me in your thoughts and in your heart. That will make me stronger and it will show me that you guys will never be ashamed of me. Some day you will see that I will triumph.
Thank you Emily.
Iris maria Mendoza
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Page 2 of Iris' Letter
Page 3 of Iris' Letter

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