Youth Helping Youth

Last summer, 16 year old Kyle George made his first visit to Flores, Honduras. His family has been involved for years with his older brother and mother volunteering in the country, and also hosting children in their home who were in Boston for medical treatment.
The George family has had a special friendship with 14 year old “Chippy” and were saddened to learn he had dropped out of school to help support his grandparents, where he was now living. Kyle decided he wanted to make a difference in Chippy’s life and has made the financial commitment of re-enrolling him in school which takes place on weekends. Therefore, he’ll be able to continue to support his grandparents and will also have the opportunity to further his education. They also purchased a bicycle so that Chippy has a way to get to classes which are offered in a different town. THANK YOU KYLE for offering Chippy the gift of education which is truly the most positive way of offering him a brighter future, and hopefully the ability to break the cycle of poverty.

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