Esperanza Helps Provide Treatment Within Honduras



This is 13 year old “Rony” who is currently being treated for neglected clubfoot deformity. Rony was not only suffering physically, but socially and emotionally, as well. Due to his lack of mobility, he was not enrolled in school. Fortunately, the treatment and surgeries have been successful. Rony is thrilled to be with his peers,attending school and is not deterred by having to walk with crutches through muddy roads to get there!


Melvin was born with congenital glaucoma. His parents soon realized there was a problem because when Melvin was in the daylight, he would scream in pain. Left untreated, Melvin would have been blind. Thankfully, he was operated on in San Pedro Sula. Melvin’s mother is extremely grateful, and proudly shows her son, exclaiming, “he sees everything and is so much happier!”

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