“For It Is In Giving That We Receive”

Josue's New Laptop

We’d like to thank the anonymous donor from Pilgrim Congregational Church in Lexington, MA who recently donated a brand new laptop. This morning we delivered the gift to 17 year old “Josue”, who is currently living at The Constitution Inn located in Charlestown. For the past seven months, Josue has been receiving medical treatment (including a prosthetic hand/arm, and a “tissue expansion” in his head) at Shriners Hospitals in Boston and Springfield.

Eleven years ago, Josue’s room in Comayagua, Honduras caught on fire due to poor electrical wiring. He suffered severe burns over much of his body. Since then, he has traveled to the States several times for medical care.

Despite the adversity he has faced, Josue remains very optimistic and has a charming personality. Josue is quite fluent in English and enjoys attending school and working. We couldn’t think of a more deserving person for this generous gift, and seeing Josue’s smile and enthusiastic reaction was just priceless!

Our sincere appreciation for the kindness of others.

Thank you Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC!

For the past ten years we have been receiving financial and spiritual support from the folks at Pilgrim Church in Lexington. The memebers and friends of the church have also generously offered their support with supplies of clothing, shoes, school supplies and more.

Every spring, the Honduran Support Group holds a book sale. Proceeds from the sale are used to purchase Spanish books and supplies and/or complete a project at one of the schools in Flores, Honduras. This year, over $1,500 has been donated to construct an outdoor eating and play area at an elementary school.

We wish to thank Mrs. Sandi Gardiner who organizes a fantastic crew to coordinate the book sale, and to Pilgrim’s Mission Committtee for supplementing the proceeds. This project is being enthusiastically endorsed by the teachers in Flores and will be enjoyed by many children.

Diamond Middle School…Making a Difference

Astrid at Diamond Middle School

Esperanza would like to express their appreciation to Ms. Deirdre Huff and the students in her Spanish classes for their involvement with the children in Flores, Honduras.

For the past two years Ms. Huff’s classes have organized collections of school supplies, sporting goods and clothing which were shipped to Honduras. Her classes have also participated in a Pen Pal relationship with the students in Flores. Earlier this month, Astrid Ordonez visited the classes at Diamond to express her appreciation on behalf of the children in Flores. The students enthusiastically asked questions of Astrid…her life in Honduras and her recent hospitalization at Shriners.

Esperanza would also like to thank Katherine George, and her mother, Melissa for facilitating this relationship with Diamond.

Sharing Their Bounty

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’d like to express our gratitude to the children in Pilgrim’s church school, Pilgrim Nursery School and Debra Adam’s nursery school. Deb Adams and Leslie Holmes explained to the children of our upcoming trip to Honduras, and our need for small toys to be given out at our medical clinics.
The children took these messages to heart and responded with such generosity in sharing their own toys with others in need. One day, Matthew Chytil was home sick from school and spent hours going through his collection of cars. He had heard Deb’s message, “they should be in good condition, and fit in the palm of your hand.” Matthew’s inspection of each car could rival the best mechanic’s! He checked the wheels, and looked for any chipped paint and explained to his mom that he was only sharing his BEST ones.
Children can certainly be our best teachers, and we thank all the children for their selfless giving and compassion for others. And we do give credit to all the caring adults in their lives who have helped instill these values.

You (help) make me smile…

We’d like to thank Dr. Barry Cunha, Dr. Michael Coppe and  Dr. Carolyn Coppe (all of Lexington, MA) for providing dental care to our Honduran patients brought to the Boston area for medical treatment. These generous dentists have provided preventative care, as well as, x-rays and fillings for the children who do not have any access to dentists in Honduras. This has been a huge support to us, especially for our young heart patient because oral infections can be deadly. Also, thank you to these dentists, and Dr. Stephen Vultaggio of Concord, MA for providing us with toothbrushes and toothpaste for our mission trips.

Youth Helping Youth

Last summer, 16 year old Kyle George made his first visit to Flores, Honduras. His family has been involved for years with his older brother and mother volunteering in the country, and also hosting children in their home who were in Boston for medical treatment.
The George family has had a special friendship with 14 year old “Chippy” and were saddened to learn he had dropped out of school to help support his grandparents, where he was now living. Kyle decided he wanted to make a difference in Chippy’s life and has made the financial commitment of re-enrolling him in school which takes place on weekends. Therefore, he’ll be able to continue to support his grandparents and will also have the opportunity to further his education. They also purchased a bicycle so that Chippy has a way to get to classes which are offered in a different town. THANK YOU KYLE for offering Chippy the gift of education which is truly the most positive way of offering him a brighter future, and hopefully the ability to break the cycle of poverty.