dscn0455Last month we traveled to Honduras for the dedication of the well in Mira Flores. Since we first began our mission work, one of our greatest goals has been to bring clean water to people without access to life’s basic necessity.

It has been an incredible learning process for us as we have lived beside people who spend hours of their days walking with containers, to stand in long lines, waiting at spigots for the water to slowly drip.

The more we learned, the harder it became. Unlike our neighbors, we have read the reports at the local health center which states the “potable” water is filled with e. coli and “not fit for human consumption.”

We witnessed the devastating effects of drinking contaminated water including malnutrition, vomiting, diarrhea, parasites and even death. We tried to educate the community to kill the bacteria by chlorinating or boiling the water only to learn they couldn’t afford chlorine, wood or electricity. And our inner struggle would continue of how unjust it was that we could return to our home which is always stocked with a five gallon jug of purified water.

We have spent years meeting with community leaders, town officials and experts within country and the U.S., and put many of their recommendations into practice. Progress would be made and then another obstacle and set back would occur. We’d struggle with cultural differences and expectations and question ourselves if this project was realistic. Just when we thought we had exhausted all efforts, our eyes were opened to a new opportunity which seemed obtainable.

Last November we met with the folks in the barrio of Mira Flores which had no access to water. At that time, we asked the community if they would be interested, and willing to be involved, in constructing a well. We had the opportunity to see people step forward and assume leadership roles so that their neighborhood could seek independence and legally form their own “Patranato” (governing body) Board.

We were fortunate to contract an engineer with 40 years of experience who kept us informed and involved with every step from selecting the site, deeding the land, obtaining permits, working with the electric company, constructing the platform for the holding tank and digging the ditches for the pipes.

We traveled to Honduras in February and June so we could be directly involved and our presence insured the community that this project was real.

In September, we were invited guests to the dedication of the well. The community took pride in putting on a full affair with dignitaries invited, a mariachi band hired, refreshments served, and a ribbon cutting and ceremonial plaque displayed. After an opening prayer and the church choir performing, the history of Mira Flores’ development was read. This was followed by the Honduran national anthem. As we sat looking out to the crowd, tears welled in our eyes. It was more than just a dream come true.

The people had come to express their appreciation to us, and the people of Pilgrim Church. We looked back at them with the greatest sense of awe knowing the commitment, determination and grueling work they willingly offered to make this happen. They truly valued the importance of clean water and knew their health (and their children’s) would significantly improve, and generations would benefit. Our lives have been so enriched by knowing people who face insurmountable obstacles on a daily basis with such faith, resiliency and gratitude. How true the words are “it is in giving, you receive”…we have received the greatest gift from our work in Honduras, our “purpose in life.”



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