A bittersweet Mother’s Day


The thought of losing a child is unbearable, and if it were your only two that you lost together, just incomprehensible. Today is Mother’s Day and while I’m celebrating with my sons, my thoughts are also with Maria Elena in Honduras. This is the first Mother’s Day she will have to endure without her sons, Hector (8) and Cesar (12), who were struck by a car last September while walking home from school.

The village of Flores is divided by a main highway and people cross it every day to attend school, purchase things at the pulperia, and to collect their water at the spigot. Since this tragedy, the barrio of Mira Flores gathered together to hire a van to transport their children across this dangerous road to school, fearing the loss of another child.

For the past 10 years we have been trying to bring clean water to the entire community of Flores. We have sent experts from the U.S., worked with local officials and organizations within country, and hit one road block after another. It felt as though we had exhausted all our efforts and were ready to give up, and then Hector and Cesar died. We became re-energized and determined to do this project in honor of them, and not have their deaths in vain. The project is also for their mom…wanting her to know that their memories will be kept alive and giving her hope, and something to live for.

Under the leadership of Mita Gomez and many dedicated neighbors, and with the expertise of Antonio Hasbun and others at Inersiones Diversas, the well has been drilled in Mira Flores. Members of the community are in the process of building the platform for the holding tank, and later a transformer will be installed.

We’re thankful for the financial support from Pilgrim Congregational Church U.C.C. in Lexington and many generous supporters of Esperanza in making this dream a reality. I look forward to being in Mira Flores next month, and presenting a plaque to Hector and Cesar’s parents, which will be placed at the well…and having my first taste of clean water.



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