“Ask and you shall receive.”


Esperanza-Hope for the Children, Inc. would like to offer a huge “shout out” to the folks at Samaritan’s Feet. Yesterday we received several boxes (containing 288 pairs of children’s “croc type” shoes and 91 pairs of adult flip flops). This generous donation of footwear will have a significant impact in the community of Flores, Honduras and beyond. The rubber made shoes are durable and will hold up well in the rainy, muddy weather.

We are avid proponents of prevention and these shoes will provide protection from many illnesses and injuries. Children are required to wear black shoes to school and we’re hoping these will fill the requirement. Unfortunately, many school age children do not attend classes because they cannot afford shoes or other pieces of their uniform. It is a common sight to see children running barefoot down littered dirt roads often resulting in bloodied open wounds…we know these gifts will be treasured.

We’re thankful of our new relationship with Samaritan’s Feet and the wonderful work they are doing throughout the world. Next month Rev. Lauren Lorincz from Pilgrim Congregational Church UCC in Lexington, MA will be joining us on our trip and we look forward to handing out shoes with her.


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