Pilgrim’s Playground


Esperanza has been working in the village of Flores, Honduras since February 2002. Over the years, we have been involved with many projects and individual cases. One of our dreams has been to build a playground…a safe place for children to play and be happy. This dream has now become a reality thanks to the financial donation from Pilgrim Congregational UCC Church in Lexington, MA, Presidente Luis Inestroza and the entire Patranato Board in Flores, and Ms. Diana Fuentes who facilitated the project.

Pilgrim Church has been actively involved in Flores for many years by sending volunteers, providing financial support and material goods. The community of Flores recently elected a new Patranato Board (similar to a Board of Selectmen) and they have proven to be a dedicated, hard working group of individuals committed to improving their community in a transparent manner. Never before have we worked with people more insightful, supportive and appreciative of our involvement.

The playground was installed last weekend, and Diana reported, “the kids went crazy playing!” We look forward to expanding this playground, and working on other projects with the Patranato Board to bring “hope” to this community and offer their residents the opportunity to see their own dreams come true.

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