Astrid Mejia Ordonez

Astrid has been a patient of Esperanza-Hope for the Children since she was two years old and continues to receive medical treatment from Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield, MA. She attended school in Comayagua, Honduras through 6th grade and then was accepted to the Fay School in Southborough, Massachusetts where she completed 9th grade. Currently, Astrid is a junior at Emma Willard in Troy, NY., where she was awarded the Davis Scholarship for International Students.

Astrid has been Esperanza’s main translator for the past 10 years. She has demonstrated her bilingual competency, exhibited her confidence, and showed her cultural intelligence in assisting us with our patients, students, and their families. Astrid is our medical liaison and is responsible for scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, and interfacing with the medical staff. 

She is our student advocate who assists families enrolling students in school, facilitating communication between students and their sponsors, and sharing her strong work ethic as a tutor.

Astrid is a well-respected and successful member of her community. The local leaders, “Patranato Board” welcome her to their meetings for her insight and leadership. Astrid has the passion and determination of taking the knowledge she’s gained in the U.S. to make a difference in her community. Whether it’s her long-term goal of becoming a doctor, or her more immediate desire to address Period Poverty, Astrid is motivated to make a difference.