Sharing Their Bounty

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’d like to express our gratitude to the children in Pilgrim’s church school, Pilgrim Nursery School and Debra Adam’s nursery school. Deb Adams and Leslie Holmes explained to the children of our upcoming trip to Honduras, and our need for small toys to be given out at our medical clinics.
The children took these messages to heart and responded with such generosity in sharing their own toys with others in need. One day, Matthew Chytil was home sick from school and spent hours going through his collection of cars. He had heard Deb’s message, “they should be in good condition, and fit in the palm of your hand.” Matthew’s inspection of each car could rival the best mechanic’s! He checked the wheels, and looked for any chipped paint and explained to his mom that he was only sharing his BEST ones.
Children can certainly be our best teachers, and we thank all the children for their selfless giving and compassion for others. And we do give credit to all the caring adults in their lives who have helped instill these values.

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