Astrid was born with both tethered spinal cord and  foot deformities. She has made multiple trips to the United States to receive a variety of procedures. In December 2006, we brought two year old Astrid to Shriners Hospital in Springfield, MA. The next month, a pediatric neurosurgeon successfully completed a several hour spinal operation. Without this surgery, it is likely that Astrid’s mobility would have been severely impaired and she would have been incontinent. 

In January 2011, Astrid went back to Shiner’s Hospital in Springfield for multiple procedures on her cavus left foot (an overarched foot). The first procedure was a tendon release and the second procedure required the doctors to insert a wedge of bone into in the middle of her foot.

During Astrid’s visit in 2011, she learned lots of english and now has the opportunity to expand her bilingual skills due to a donation from the Morrison family to Esperanza that has allowed Astrid to enroll in a bilingual school in Comayagua. 

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