Dreams, Goals, & Perseverance


Congratulations to Astrid Ordonez for being accepted into the 7th grade class of the Fay School in Southborough, MA. Astrid has “demonstrated the qualities Fay seeks in the admissions process including academic excellence; honorable conduct; dedicated service; earnest effort; and wellness of the mind, body and spirit.” This is a huge accomplishment for any student applying to this prestigious boarding school but Astrid has overcome insurmountable obstacles to earn this honor.

Astrid, born in Honduras, into a life of poverty where education is not a “given” and often considered a privilege. Only 64% of students attend school past the sixth grade due to economic hardship. Although her family lacks financial resources, they have qualities money doesn’t provide…commitment and drive. Astrid’s mother, Angelina, is an intelligent woman who values education. Although she wasn’t able to attend school past the 6th grade, she has ingrained the importance and supported Astrid in her pursuit of learning.

Astrid has been attending a bilingual school in Comayagua since kindergarten. Marantha Adventist Bilingual School offers a very challenging curriculum and many of the teachers have been important role models in Astrid’s life. One teacher in particular, Ms. Mayla Ebanks, has been a part of Astrid’s journey since she taught her in 2nd grade and now as Primary School Coordinator was the person responsible for obtaining all of her transcripts and recommendations for the Fay School. Ms. Mayla knew Astrid was an academic standout from a very young age and couldn’t be more proud of her acceptance to a middle school in the United States, an accomplishment never previously done.

It has been a pleasure witnessing Astrid’s growth emotionally, physically and academically since she first arrived in our house at age two. Astrid was born with some physical problems but never complained. Instead, she focused on the bright side and knows being born this way is what led her to us and the opportunity to travel to the United States for medical care.

Since then, she has been welcomed into the home of Charlie and Nancy Morrison (and family) who have not only showered her with love and attention but shared their value of the importance of education, and financially supporting Astrid’s. This opportunity of a lifetime (and dream come true for Astrid) to attend Fay would not be possible without them.

Along with the Morrisons, many other family members and friends have welcomed Astrid into their lives. We’re thankful they’ll continue to be a part of her support system as she straddles her two worlds, moving from an impoverished village to a wealthy community. She’s managed this well over the years but we know this will be more intense because adolescence is naturally a time of self discovery and she will be dealing with many significant changes. We are confident Fay School will provide the academic, social and emotional support needed. And now it’s time to free her potential and watch her “fly”.













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