Resilience and The Human Spirit

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Fifteen years ago, Josue Martinez’s house caught fire and most of his body was burned. Josue was only five years old and has few memories of the accident. However his mom remembers it clearly and has kept track of his ongoing recovery which has included over 65 operations.

Josue spent the first couple of weeks in a hospital in Comayagua but was then transferred to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras where he and his mother spent six months. Treatment for burns is challenging and excruciating enough in the United States but in the Third World supplies are extremely limited and techniques are often decades behind. Josue’s mother recalls receiving money from a family member and making the decision to purchase Josue’s cream rather than food for herself, and existing on water for weeks.

Fortunately, Josue and his mother were introduced to The Ruth Paz Foundation and they were able to send him for treatment at Shriner’s Hospital for Children. And so began his journey back and forth between two countries.

I’m amazed by Josue’s inner strength and positive attitude and asked him to share his story.  He said he “overcame many obstacles by looking at things from another point of view such as the things he can do, rather than what he can not do.” He gave much credit to his family who he said “raised him as a common child” which made him feel like a “normal boy.” Josue also remembers the time when he was very young and a man told him “what others see as an excuse, you see as a challenge.”

Josue had once dreamed of joining the military, but since he has lost a hand he would not be accepted. He has changed focus and is studying to be an engineer and perhaps one day, an entrepreneur. As a child, he feared he would be discriminated and would not have a girlfriend. He can laugh at it now and acknowledges “that hasn’t been a problem.”

Josue has always believed “God has a purpose for me.” I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to this young man who inspires me and teaches me every time we’re together. As Ogwo David Emenike said, “there are some people who walk into your life and shed a new light into your entire being. Be grateful to such people.” Thank you, Josue.

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