No longer for the American dream


In the past, many Hondurans fled their country for the U.S., in search of “paradise” Now, the two main reasons are fleeing violence with the hopes of pleading asylum, and living in extreme poverty. It has truly become a humanitarian crisis.

Honduras continues to have one of the highest murder rate in the world outside a war zone. Organized crime associated with drug trafficking and illegal weapons has increased since Honduras has become a major transshipment point. Gangs have instituted a “war tax” to extort money from individuals and businesses. People are kidnapped and held for ransom. Non payment results in losing your home or business, and death. Children are forced to join a gang or flee for their lives. Women are exploited in sex trafficking and forced labor.

Over 65% of Hondurans live on less than $2.00 per day. Many lack access to clean water, educational opportunities or medical care. There is no government “safety net” which provides food or housing assistance. Peasant farmers lose their land to international agro-industrial firms. Parents cannot afford to feed or house their children.

Perhaps now you will understand why thousands of desperate Hondurans risk their lives to travel 16,000 miles to the U.S. They are willing to walk many of these miles, along with riding buses through Guatemala, and clinging to the roof of “The Beast” (train) in Mexico, followed by swimming or riding a raft in the Rio Grande. During the journey they are faced with robbery, rape, accidents and murder. The economic and safety situation in Honduras has become intolerable.

Building a wall is not the answer. The Honduran government needs to uncover impunity and address the deep corruption. The United States needs to impose human rights and anti-corruption conditions on their foreign aid. Until the situation is improved in Honduras, no amount of danger and fear of deportation will dissuade immigrants from leaving their daily struggles of facing crime, violence and desperate living conditions.





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