Generosity of others is exhilarating.


Three weeks from now we will be in Flores, Honduras. As the time draws closer, we are actively soliciting donations from others including medications, dental supplies, school supplies, clothing and footwear.

I cannot adequately express the feeling I receive from other people’s generosity. Individuals and organizations who abundantly give to others in need, despite the fact they will never be able to personally meet them. Perhaps they are following the advice of John Bunyan who once said, “you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

One recent Friday afternoon the UPS truck arrived to our home. It’s always fun to see the truck pull into the driveway with a delivery but this drop off was huge. Several large boxes containing over $31,000 of free medication arrived from Brother’s Brother Foundation. It was as though Christmas had arrived early and excitedly I unpacked everything to reduce the extra packaging and minimize the weight in our luggage. My thoughts rushed back and forth between this wonderful organization who has supported Esperanza (and countless other nonprofits) over the years, and our Honduran neighbors and local health center that will benefit from their gifts.

Last week a friend from church who is an executive at Staples presented us with their yearly donation of school supplies. Once again, that energizing feeling returned as I thought “there are so many caring people in this world.” I look forward to seeing the children’s faces as they open up a brand new box of crayons or colored pencils. Not only will they treasure their new school supplies, they will also be reminded that people living far away from them, care.

Yesterday, the delivery truck was back once again. This time a box from Global Grins had arrived containing 100 toothbrushes. Our local dentist has kept us well stocked with toothpaste for many years but we are often in need of toothbrushes, and this organization came through just in time! In Honduras, very few have the opportunity to visit a dentist so prevention is all the more important.

To each and every one who has shared your own generosity, we thank you all.

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