Long term commitment for medical care.


This summer two of Esperanza’s ongoing medical patients, 11 year old Noel and 8 year old Astrid had the opportunity to be with us for 6 weeks. There is a great deal of coordination and efforts made by many people to allow these children to receive the necessary care.

The first step is arranging their medical appointments with Tufts Medical Center in Boston and Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield. For the past 7 years, The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation has generously provided financial support which paid for Noel’s open heart surgery and all the follow up care and evaluations. He is currently living without a valve and is closely monitored for change in symptoms which would indicate the need for another operation. Astrid has been receiving free care from Shriners Hospital since she was 2 years old. She was born with  “lipomeningocele” which is a condition involving the spinal cord that required an operation to resect and detether it. She has also been  operated on multiple times on her left “cavus” foot. This summer, she was suffering from pain on the dorsom of her right foot and was fit for an “ankle-foot orthosis” (brace) which she will need to wear every day, and it is recommended she be seen in 6 months.

Ana Hernandez spent countless hours working with their families to obtain a new visa for Astrid and helping them to obtain the necessary legal documents for the children to leave the country. She also coordinated their transportation to the airport and assisted with the Imigration official and airline ambassador. Ana’s expertise has benefited so many of Esperanza’s patients.

Wayne Lee from American Airlines International Children’s Medical Escort Program arranged the scheduling for 2 volunteers, Cynthia Banker and Paula Rushworth, who escorted the children from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Miami, FL and then onto Boston, MA.

We’re thankful for the ongoing support from Pilgrim Congregational Church in Lexington, MA and Nancy and Charlie Morrison of Concord, MA. They paid for the airline tickets to make this trip possible.

Lastly, to all our family and friends who have welcomed Noel and Astrid into your own lives, we are forever grateful for your love, involvement and support.


One thought on “Long term commitment for medical care.

  1. Nice piece, Em.  I admire your positive comments about Ana – not an easy thing to do – hope she reads this.   Went over to Millie’s for a bit tonight – she often mentions how impressed she is with your work in Honduras – especially with the children.   Love, Mom

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