With heavy hearts we are mourning the death of 3 year old Annia Lopez Mejia. Little Annia and her mother, Flor arrived in Boston only 9 days ago following a tragic accident in Honduras where Annia was burned over 60% of her body. Unfortunately, the medical facilities in Honduras lack the resources to care for someone in this condition and they were sent to Boston with hopes of saving/treating her. Despite the top-notch expertise of the medical community and the latest up-to-date medical resources, Annia couldn’t be saved and she died this past Thursday afternoon.

Absolutely tragic news for any parent to receive, and certainly compounded when it is your one and only child, but this mother’s grief is further complicated and leaves me struggling with the injustices, and the reality that I’ll never be able to comprehend her situation. I am full of questions…

What is like to live in a country where healthcare is often sub par, unavailable or unattainable? How does it feel to board a plane to a foreign country with your child who is critically ill? How do you adapt in a culture that is drastically different from your own and you’re in the middle of a crisis? How do you receive the news that your child has died when you’re alone…away from your family and closest friends? What would it feel like to know you couldn’t obtain a visa to leave your country and join a grieving family matter? What  would it feel like to not be able to grieve the way you would traditionally because you needed to wait for the “clearance” from another country? And so many more questions…and I’ll never know the answers.

Our hearts are with Annia and her family.

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