Esperanza’s Cardiac Patients Headed For Care


Esperanza would like to express their appreciation to Lori Cordova, RN and the entire team (48 volunteers) of The Friends of Barnabas Foundation who are currently screening/treating patients in San Pedro Sula, Honduras this week. Two of our ongoing patients, and their parents have left their homes in Flores and Comayagua and are scheduled to be seen by this cardiac team. Five year old Adriana will receive a heart catheterization in the next couple of days. The team will also perform an echo cardiogram on one year old Jose (pictured above) who was previously seen by FOBF,  and it was determined that he would need to travel to the United States to receive a pacemaker. Once we receive the report, we will begin the process of contacting a previous benefactor and coordinating with the doctors and hospital who are able to provide his care. Our best wishes to this extraordinary group and all their patients who are receiving this essential medical intervention.

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