Berenice’s Check-up


The Friends of Barnabas Foundation’s cardiac team is currently working at Cemesa Hospital in San Pedro Sula. A year ago they were first introduced to Berenice Miranda Garcia and tried to complete a heart catheterization. Unfortunately, the stenosis was too tight and it was unsuccessful. The team determined she would need to travel to the United States for life saving cardiac surgery.

Lori Cordova, R.N. contacted us and soon began the process of getting Berenice to Boston. We gratefully accepted the financial support from the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation and were once again placed in the wonderful care of the medical staff at Tufts Medical Center.¬†Berenice’s heart was successfully repaired by Ken Warner, M.D.

Berenice, now 18 months, received encouraging news from F.O.B.F.’s team. Her heart is in stable condition and she is developing well. Berenice will continue to visit her cardiologist in San Pedro Sula and one day will require a valve replacement. Our thanks to all the individuals and organizations that have been a part of Berenice’s journey to health.

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