A Courageous Fighter


Gerardo Enrique Inestoza Ruiz just turned 15 years old on July 17th. Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Hearing a diagnosis of cancer is difficult enough to handle emotionally, but if you are unable to afford treatment, it can feel totally hopless. Gerardo’s family visited with our Honduran coordinator, Ana Hernandez. to see if we could help. We have been able to provide financial assistance which covers his medical, transportation and food costs. Gerardo is handling his chemotherapy as well as can be expected. The days of treatment are extremely challenging because Gerardo and his dad travel by bus to a city a few hours away. Returning home, tired and nauceous on a bus making frequent stops for passengers and road work, is draining. Each day Gerardo faces many obstacles…trying to stay strong by eating soft foods his stomach can tolerate and wearing a mask to avoid infections. He is a bright student who is sad to not be in school. The family humbly asked if we could buy a mattress for Gerardo because his is full of holes and is so uncomfortable. Such a modest request and we’re grateful we can do something to ease his pain. We look forward to seeing Gerardo in three months and will continue to monitor his treatment from afar. Please hold him in your thoughts…

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