Living with Congenital Heart Disease


As I write this entry, Noel is having an echocardioram (ultrasound). We have returned to Tufts Medical Center for his yearly check up since he had open heart surgery in June 2007. He has already been weighed, measured, and had an electrocardiogram. It is a rather lengthy visit where the doctors do a thorough evaluation of his heart.

It’s a reminder to Noel that it is the reason he receives a medical visa for the U.S., and that he’s not just here for summer vacation! For me, it is a time for reflextion…remembering that Noel has a serious health condition which lasts a lifetime. And my thoughts are also consumed with memories of Mr. Ray Tye and his generosity in offering Noel the “gift of life.” Both Noel and I talk about him often and believe he is still keeping watch over him.

We wish to thank the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation for their continued interest and support of Noel. We look forward to visiting Mrs. Tye and Ms. Teri Carlson later in the summer.

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