The Luxury of Vacation

Honduran Workers

As I sit here on the beach at Hilton Head, S.C., I think of the people in Honduras. It doesn’t matter where I am, every day they are on my mind and in my heart. Today it strikes me because I’m on vacation and I think what a foreign concept that is for most Honduran people.

They struggle to find work, no matter what the conditions and how limited the pay. Others strive for the opportunity to attend school, if their families can afford their uniforms and can get by without them contributing income.

And here I sit, watching the ocean and thinking of my friends who are dealing with the hottest month of the year, wondering if they will have the opportunity to find a cool place to refresh.

Fortunately, guilt is not consuming me. Instead, through the years of working in Honduras, I have learned to appreciate everything! Not just affording a vacation, but every day simplicities such as a clean shower or the ability to open my medicine cabinet and find what’s needed. We are blessed

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