Through The Eyes of a Child

This summer Noel (10) and Astrid (7) are here in the Boston area to receive continued medical check-ups (cardiac and orthopedic) and to spend their summer vacation with us. Both children attend a bilingual school in Honduras which operates on the American school calendar. The pubic schools in Honduras are open from February to November.

Their school curriculum is a rigorous one and they have endured a great deal of physical and emotional pain with their medical issues. So that makes summer time especially sweet and it’s always a wonder to experience it through the eyes of a child.

This summer Noel and Astrid have spent a great deal of time on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. This has been their favorite spot where they are showered with love from our family and have met many new friends. Their days are filled with activities: swimming, boating, fishing, jet skiing and tubing. We often wonder how these experiences will translate when they are describing it back home to their families and friends…they are “foreign concepts” only to be imagined.

The children have certainly enriched our lives and many others who they have met. We can only hope the summer has offered their bodies a chance to relax and their minds to have been enlightened, and hopefully this will help give them the inspiration when they return back home to Flores where they will once again be working hard at school and home.

The Luxury of Vacation

Honduran Workers

As I sit here on the beach at Hilton Head, S.C., I think of the people in Honduras. It doesn’t matter where I am, every day they are on my mind and in my heart. Today it strikes me because I’m on vacation and I think what a foreign concept that is for most Honduran people.

They struggle to find work, no matter what the conditions and how limited the pay. Others strive for the opportunity to attend school, if their families can afford their uniforms and can get by without them contributing income.

And here I sit, watching the ocean and thinking of my friends who are dealing with the hottest month of the year, wondering if they will have the opportunity to find a cool place to refresh.

Fortunately, guilt is not consuming me. Instead, through the years of working in Honduras, I have learned to appreciate everything! Not just affording a vacation, but every day simplicities such as a clean shower or the ability to open my medicine cabinet and find what’s needed. We are blessed