In Bee’s time…

It’s been a few days since I last wrote…Bee decided to spend St. Patrick’s Day in her own way…watching the doctors run to her room and having the ventilator re-inserted and a chest tube added to drain the fluid in her lungs. This wasn’t what the rest of us had in mind…perhaps she was getting me back because I didn’t have a green bow for her hair!

Bee remained on the ventilator for the next 3 days and it was removed yesterday at noon. She enjoyed the afternoon by getting out of her crib and being held and played with. Little by little, IV’s are being removed…although still enough wires to get tangled in and try to pull out!  Yesterday she was back to a popsicle and today she’s advanced to scrambled eggs and jello.

They continue to do chest xrays and actually culturing her now to see if she has some sort of infection. Hopefully, it’s simply a cold. On my way down to the gift shop to get her a balloon…she loved playing with the one for her birthday! Astrid has made a beautiful get well card and it is hanging in her room. Hopefully, we will continue on the up swing!

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