The Waiting Is Almost Over

It’s been six months since we first heard about Berenice Elizabeth and her need for cardiac surgery. I have worked with Lori Cordova, RN on other medical cases, and she wrote asking for help for this infant she had met during one of her cardiac brigades in San Pedro Sula. A week from today, Lori will arrive with nine month old Berenice. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival and finally meeting each other in person.

We are thankful to Lori who will be flying from her home in Virginia to Honduras on Thursday and helping Berenice’s family through the tearful goodbye; reassuring them that she will be well cared for and return in two months, with a repaired heart. It’s impossible to comprehend what her parents will be going through emotionally, and we’re grateful for their faith in us…strangers, living in another country. Once again, we realize how fortunate we are to be living in Boston, a medical mecca, and the generosity we receive from Ken Warner, MD and the folks at Tufts Medical Center, as well as the financial support from the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation. Without their help, this wouldn’t be possible.

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