Sharing his time and talents

Rick & Stefany

Nine days from now 23 year old Ricky Lania will be traveling to Flores, Honduras. Ricky graduated from University of Connecticut last May and is now working for Maintainnet, in Boston. He now has a few vacation days to use, and he immediately thought of returning to Honduras. Some might assume he is headed to the beautiful beaches on the coast, but that is not the case…he is headed to a small village to spend time with his Godson, Noel, and other former patients who have lived in our home, and friends he has met during past visits.

Ricky has been actively involved with Esperanza since the beginning, and with Honduras even before Esperanza was established. He has traveled to Honduras on numerous occassions and volunteered at the school and health clinics. His love of the children is so evident as they constantlty surround him, and he is so kind and patient with all of them. When Ricky was living at home, he spent endless hours playing with the children and teaching them new skills.

Esperanza is grateful to Ricky for all his time, energy and creativity he has shared. Ricky is the one responsible for this blog, for postings on Facebook and for all the videos and many of the photos of “our” Honduran children and experiences. We feel so very fortunate that this really has been such a positive experience for our entire family and something we have been able to share together. We look forward to many more opportunities the future will offer us.

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