Dealing with COVID-19 in Honduras


It is challenging enough to be coping with the reality of COVID-19 in the U.S., but can you imagine what it would be like in a third world country? Honduras has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world and before the pandemic even arrived hospitals would run out of oxygen and PPE was often reused.

Right now the country is in lockdown and grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and gas stations only open three days a week. Depending on your national identification number, you are able to shop one specific day a week. The government is spraying houses with disinfectants and residents can pay to be sprayed down with bleach and water.
Corruption always runs rampant in this country and even more so during a crisis. The gangs and police are clashing over who enforces curfews and demands payment from violators.
“Social distancing” is impossible when you’re traveling to one of the few places of employment and you’re packed like cattle in the back of the truck. Hand sanitizer is rare to come by, and too costly for the majority of people. Homes don’t have running hot water to wash their hands.
God forbid you actually do get the virus it will be impossible to self isolate when many family members live under one roof and you don’t have the luxury of having your own bedroom and bathroom. If someone spikes a fever, he/she might just need to ride it out without medicine. For the fortunate ones who can afford medicine, the price has increased substantially.
Although this virus hits anyone, with no regard to socioeconomic status, certainly poor people suffer all the more. We wait and watch Honduras just as we do here.

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