Changing Lives by Investing in Education

Yeni and Pancho

Honduras is divided into 18 different departments, each with it’s own governor. In 10 out of 18 departments, 90% of students must repeat a grade in primary school. There are numerous reasons why this happens including illness, having to leave school to help bring income into the home, or families lacking the funds for the uniform or books. The average time to complete sixth grade is 9.4 years. Only 30% of students attend high school.

“Yeni” and “Pancho” both fell within the statistics of students who had to drop out of school. They come from loving families who value education but their situations in life didn’t allow them the opportunity. Yeni had completed primary school but needed to leave school to work and help support her family. Pancho was diagnosed with brain cancer and the priority for him became receiving medical treatment.

Two of Esperanza’s generous supporters, Suzanne Giles and Jeanne DeSanto have befriended these students and are changing their lives by offering them the gift of an education. They’re now enrolled in a private school and afforded the opportunity to pursue their dreams of attending school and allowing them to dream for a brighter future, for themselves and their families.

Whether you would like to be directly involved with an individual or offer assistance to the community at large, Esperanza has various ways to be involved. 100% of your donations will be directly given to those in need.

Thank you for the lives you’ve changed and those who will be changed in the future.




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