We are the conduits.

IMG_1957 (1)

Yesterday, I found myself filled with exhilaration, and kept repeating “this is amazing”, “the doctors will be thrilled”, “this will help so many people” and other similar sentiments. No matter how many times I’m on the receiving end of donations, I always get this “high” feeling, knowing I’m going to be able to pass them along to people in extreme need. Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Brother’s Brother Foundation (www.brothersbrother.org) who has provided us with thousands of dollars of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for our work in Honduras.

Next month we will have the opportunity to hand carry several large bags containing everything from pain relievers and antibiotics to braces and IV sets. My mind spins as I picture the people who will come to our house looking to see my husband (a.k.a. “the American doctor”), to helping patients in our town’s Centro de Salud (health clinic) to meeting with our Honduran doctor/friend and sharing these gifts.

Brother’s Brother Foundation gives us the means to help save lives, alleviate discomfort, and enable us to support trustworthy doctors within country. Access to health care in Honduras is extremely limited for many reasons…distance in rural areas, affordability, lack of medicine/supplies etc. Doctors are required by the government to work part time in public hospitals, but often go months without pay. The hospitals are ill equipped and we’ve seen Coke bottles holding used syringes, newborns lying under light bulbs instead of being in incubators, and people turned down for operations because hospitals didn’t have oxygen. How refreshing it will be to offer sterilized gauze, surgical blades, and garments and help reduce the possibilities of infection. How fortunate we are to be able to offer parents medicine to help reduce their children’s fevers or treat their infections, often keeping a more serious problem from developing.

We are the conduits…connecting valuable resources with wonderful people in need.

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