Ostin’s first day in The Big Apple


Ostin’s day began with the continental breakfast buffet. He was quite fascinated by the containers of cereal, pressing the button for juice, and spreading packets of butter everywhere! I don’t think he ate much but he found the experience quite entertaining. After things got a bit out of control, his mom took him back to the room where it was easier to manage him in a confined environment. We waited until the stores opened, checked out of the hotel and were on our way in search of sneakers for Ostin. It was a quick decision for him…the Cars far outweighed the Ninja Turtle ones.

We were then on our way to Lenox Hospital to meet the doctors. Thankfully, I have experience driving in Boston but NYC is more challenging with many roads under construction, snow piles, and using blinkers rarely happens.Tom joined Karla and Ostin’s first meeting with the doctors while I spent time finding a place to park. By the time I entered the hospital, the introduction and examination were finished and the doctors were back in the O.R.

Next stop, the Ronald McDonald House where Karla and Ostin were spending the night. The staff was incredibly kind but it was overwhelming for Karla as we toured the many floors beginning with their private room and bath. She was handed a “key” on a lanyard and showed that you just needed to wave it in front of the key pad and the door would unlock…magic! We then saw the dining room and kitchen facilities where each family is given their own cabinet for food, and bin in the fridge. A buffet dinner is served at 6:30, but I quickly thought how is Karla going to know the time since there’s no clock in her room and she couldn’t read my analog watch? They reassured me they would ask someone to stop by their room, and escort them. I wasn’t sure Karla would be comfortable leaving her room so I went to the grocery store while they spent time in the play room.

I quickly grabbed a container of watermelon, a bag of chips and salsa, a roasted chicken and a carton of milk…dinner was done. Back to the Ronald McDonald House to settle Karla and Ostin in their room. Everyone exhausted from “Day #1.”

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