The Harsh Reality in the Lack of Medical Resources

Denis Javier Acosta Gallardo

This past week I was hit with a nasty viral bug. It came on suddenly and wiped me out quickly. I chugged a variety of medications, slept as much as I could and anxiously awaited relief. But while I waited, I thought of people in Honduras who are faced with similar common illnesses and those who suffer from far greater ones. How much harder they endure and with far less complaining than me!

After years of working in the medical field of Honduras, we’ve been accustomed to a shortage of supplies in medicine and equipment, but things have become worse. Last fall we learned about hospitals having to cancel surgeries because they lacked oxygen. Now, there are 28 public hospitals having to postpone surgeries because they lack basic operating materials.

It’s alarming to hear this news which tremendously impacts the general population, putting the majority of Hondurans at risk. We also witnessed this personally, in our village of Flores, with a neighbor suffering from Guillean-Barre Syndrome. This illness struck the nervous system of a healthy 18 year old, and now poses life-threatening complications.

This situation would be terrifying enough for any family but imagine facing the monumental task of coming up with $15.00 a day for the medication when that exceeds your daily income? And then…facing the obstacle of actually finding a place that has the medication available? That’s just the beginning…the mom couldn’t have been more appreciative of the basic supplies (gloves, gauze, oxygen tubing) which we could provide. These items were not available in town and she didn’t have the resources to look elsewhere.

We’ll continue to collect as many resources as we can, and deliver them in March. Hopefully, there will be additional aid on a National level, as well.

One thought on “The Harsh Reality in the Lack of Medical Resources

  1. Em – Another great post- what’s the young man’s first name? Hope that he will recover from this nasty disease. Thanks so much for all you did for me even though you were feeling like crap – appreciated your thoughtfulness. I had a present and card for Tom here – didn’t remember it was on my bureau till you’d left. Talk with you tomorrow. Much love, Mom


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