Thank you for your support

Earlier this week, we arrived home after spending 12 days in Flores, Honduras. As we celebrate Thanksgiving weekend, we are reminded once again how thankful we are for all of you, and for your support of our work in Honduras.

During our trip, we had the opportunity to deliver the school supplies, footwear, dental and medical supplies, and over the counter medications which you have provided us in the past several months. Their gratitude for a new pencil or a tube of toothpaste was just amazing. There was one family with three children who we provided with shoes…as we passed by their home later in the week, the children ran to the edge of the road…smiled, and proudly showed off their new prized possessions! Your gifts were spread throughout the village and beyond.

Your interest and encouragement helps motivate us to assist the oppressed folks in Honduras in obtaining an education, accessing medical treatment, and procuring clean water.

Truly, your support is making a significant impact for many.

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