So Many Things To Love About Honduras

Emily with a group of Hondurans

When I think about living in Honduras, one of the first things to come to mind is simplicity. Our home is small, on a tiny plot of land and the house is so uncluttered…no t.v., dishwasher, washing machine etc. We live amongst the geckos, roosters and a roaming bull.

Our home is generally filled with children. I love to watch them play…they still rely on their imaginations to make up games…something many other children have lost. When they don’t have certain equipment for sports, they make up their own. Flip-flops are used for goalie gloves and sticks are used for baseball bats.

And it’s not just the children who show their creativity…I have seen adults use Coke bottles for three different things. One was used at a public hospital to collect used needles. A smaller version was used by an elderly asthmatic patient for an inhaler. Our friend Mita cut her’s lengthwise, and uses them for flower boxes.

Simple life….their homes, their lives, their wants, their needs.

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