The Honduran Pace Of Life

People at a clinic waiting

“Honduran time.” Anyone who has traveled to, or lives in Honduras, knows what I am talking about. This is something I embrace and struggle with every time I’m there. On the one hand, it can drive me crazy standing on the side of the road, waiting for a bus. There isn’t a real schedule, it “comes when it comes.” We may be headed into the city with a list of items we hope to accomplish. Inevitably, we won’t get it all done. It may be that the internet is down, the lawyer is out of legal paper, or someone is on strike. It can be terribly frustrating…

Thankfully, these feelings are contrasted by the pleasures of slowing down. I never experience the stress in my neck, and spend much more time “being” rather than “doing”. Often times the heat forces you to slow down and take more time for leisure. We certainly spend more time visiting with neighbors and friends…in the end, the pace is a “gift.”

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