Lessons From Children

This evening, I called Berencie Elizabeth’s family in La Lima, Honduras. Berenice has been living in our home for one week. Although, I have talked with her extended family in the States and our pastor/friend, Martha Garzon, has  has been in direct contact with the family, I thought it would be nice for the family to hear from Berenice’s temporary foster family, in the home she has been entrusted.

Berenice’s mother, Sara, answered the phone and I attempted to introduce myself. At best, my Spanish is limited and I will struggle through, if there is nobody there to “bail me out.” However, tonight, Astrid (6 years old), a fellow Honduran, could hear my struggling attempt, and quickly grabbed the phone to intercede, explaining “mi madrina no habla mucho espanol.” (my Godmother doesn’t speak much Spanish).

Astrid continued a half an hour conversation with Berenice’s mother, updating her about Berenice’s every day happenings…what she was eating, how she was sleeping and when she was going to the hospital. Berenice’s mother proceeded to teach Astrid a lullaby she sings to Berenice, which Astrid taught to us, and I sang Berenice to sleep tonight.

Astrid has been in our lives for the past four and half years, and has truly become a member of our family. She is an incredibly bright, engaging and empathetic child. It is such a rewarding feeling watching Astrid’s physical, emotional, and educational development, and witnessing her use the gifts to aid another child, and her family. “Our” children truly can be our greatest teachers.

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