Trip to Honduras

On January 14, 2010 we traveled to Flores, Honduras where we spent 10 days working within the community. This is our ninth year offering free medical care, as well as, assistance with educational needs. During our visit we held medical and eye clinics, and visited current and future patients in their homes.We received supplies of medication, shoes and eye glasses from Brother’s Brother organization and First Sight. Along with the common problems of colds, pain and parasites, we were also introduced to patients with more significant problems including: extra digits, neurological disorders, growth in the mouth, congenital glaucoma, ambiguous genitalia, and a heart defect. Fortunately, over the years we built a trustworthy support system within country. We work with The Ruth Paz Foundation and Mrs. Peggy Kipps is able to refer us to local doctors and arrange visits to American brigades. Our coordinator, Ana Hernandez, arranges and transports all of our patients and provides us with ongoing follow-up.

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