Why We Do What We Do

People often ask why we keep going back to Honduras, especially with how dangerous it has become. This letter from Iris Maria is one of the many examples of how rewarding our work can be. Only part of Emily getting to hear the letter for the first time was caught on video. However,  Laura Sierra who is reading the letter, was nice enough to translate the whole thing which you can read below.

This is for someone very special who has stayed recorded in my mind and in my heart and a person that I will never forget until the day that I depart this earth.

Hello Emily,

You know, I want you to know that there is someone who loves you very much. In my heart, there is something very special for you. You are an angel sent from God into my life. I will never forget that date… Tom especially, November 25th, 2008 when we met. Thank the lord our creator from the sky, that today I can run and walk. I’ve suffered, I have cried, I have been rejected but today I can say that there is hope. And this for me is a triumph. The same for you as well. I wish with all my heart that God keep you and your family safe in your travels. And that you guys continue to be prosperous in all that you do. God almighty on this day I ask that you give Emily and her family strength and that everyday you be her helper and illuminate her path. Bless their hands and their feet because they bring blessings to many. Thank you God because that is the way it will be. Amen. I want to say that I don’t have any money to repay you but I do have something that is very secure, and that is my heart. Full of sweetness. Now I ask that you never forget me, where ever you go please. Keep me in your thoughts and in your heart. That will make me stronger and it will show me that you guys will never be ashamed of me. Some day you will see that I will triumph.

Thank you Emily.
Iris maria Mendoza
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Miracle Child

Martha Christina and her Mom

I’ll never forget first learning about Martha Cristina and her grim diagnosis of kidney cancer. This precious 3 1/2 year old, and her parents, approached our friend, Ana Hernandez, with heart breaking news and a plea for our financial assistance.

We weren’t overly optimistic when we heard the news, but if there was any chance of saving Martha Cristina, supporting her with money was the least we could do. Our church, Pilgrim Congregational UCC (Lexington, MA) soon began praying for her on a regular basis.

For the next 66 weeks Martha Cristina endured chemotherapy treatments. This was immediately followed by 24 weeks of radiation therapy. Certainly this took its tole on the entire family…when cancer strikes one member of the family, it affects all. Martha Cristina’s mom became her constant companion, accompanying her on the bus to travel hours for her treatment. Her dad continued to provide for his family, having to travel hours himself, where he could find employment. Family members stepped in to care for Martha Cristina’s brothers.

I am elated to say that Martha Christina has been in remission for the past year and a half. Witnessing this child’s recovery has truly given me reason to believe that miracles do happen. We continue to visit with Martha Cristina and her family, and are thrilled to see her back in school and enjoying her childhood. She will always remain one of my inspirations.

Martha Christina in remission