I Have To Get There

Some days have been more tranquil than others. Yesterday, Tom and I watched some of the kids running with their kites in an open field, across the street from our home. Seeing kids showing pure joy was heart warming. Of course, we wanted to go purchase dozens more for the others, but we have learned this would just cause chaos and non stop requests at our home.

Today began quite early, when I was woken by an intestinal bug…the good ole kind where you’re not sure which way it’s headed! To make matters worse, I had promised to pick up a very young couple and their 7 week baby, for their cardiology appt. I had only been to their house once, and they live off in the mountains. Driving to get them, I had to repeatedly pull over, to get sick. I began breaking out into a sweat knowing “I had to get there”…if not, the kids would be late for exams and the family could miss their emergency appt.

This is one of those times when I am pleading with God to show me the way. Tom and I feel closer to God when we are here…for him, it’s because of the simplicity of life. For me, it’s because I realize how much more I rely on my faith. It’s often a running dialog in my mind, throughout the day.

Now we await Ana’s arrival home from San Pedro Sula where she has taken the 2 cardiac patients to 2 different doctors. She has also picked up her friends from Michigan who are frequent volunteers in Honduras. All in a day’s work for Ana but even more sacrificial because it’s Wessly’s (her only child) Birthday. Ana does so much for so many, unfortunately we can’t always relieve her from the work. But I can go play with Wessly, and nothing would make her happier.