Our Journey for Hope Exhibition

Our Journey for Hope

Jason and Becca from Our Journey for Hope are putting on exhibitions, displaying the work of the Honduran children they taught this summer. Our Journey for Hope has worked closely with Esperanza – Hope For The Children, Inc. in providing children in Honduras the opportunity to not only learn photography but self expression as well. The first exhibit is in Glen Falls, NY at The World Awareness Children’s Museum, starting at 1pm. They expect to have more shows so keep an eye on their website: http://ourjourneyforhope.tumblr.com/

Esperanza Hosting Journey For Hope

Jason and Becca

Beginning in June 2012, Esperanza will be joined with Jason Musselman and Becca Laders for a two-month long, youth photography project in Flores, Honduras. The class focus’ on empowering impoverished youth, by allowing them to tell their stories and giving them a skill that would not have otherwise been available to them. This will be the second time this class will have been taught internationally, last year being in the biggest slum in Cape Town, South Africa.

Esperanza is thrilled to welcome these two gifted volunteers and know the Flores community will be enriched by this unique opportunity. To learn more about Jason, Becca and their project, please visit: http://ourjourneyforhope.tumblr.com